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Live Christmas Countdown Clock

Get prepared for the most important dates all year

It's time to get your business prepared for the busy season ahead. Whether you’re a high street retailer, online retailer, manufacturer or supplier, the key to success this Christmas is to reap the rewards of the most important shopping dates before the year is over. Stock up and arrange the fast delivery of goods to suppliers and customers well in advance for the big shopping events this year and in the new year.

We’ve put together this handy countdown clock to help businesses keep an eye on some of the most important dates of the year for businesses.

25th December - Christmas day

Countdown to Christmas is also about looking forward to shutting down for a few days and spending valuable time with family and friends over the festive season.


Ever wondered what the busiest shopping day of the year is? Surprisingly it's after Christmas, in recent years the 28th December has typically been the busiest shopping day of the year for retailers, with consumers looking to bag a bargain after boxing day.


The second busiest shopping day of the year is the 21st Dec, which is the last Saturday before Christmas, where all those last-minute shoppers frantically blow the budget having left everything to the last day.


27th December is the third busiest shopping day with eagle-eyed shoppers looking to get first sight of post Xmas sales.


In recent years Black Friday & Cyber Monday has caught the attention of retailers and shoppers. Surprisingly Black Friday is not recorded to be the busiest shopping day, it is actually 8th busiest shopping day of the year. Some savvy shoppers wait all year round for these dates to reserve expensive items such as TV's, laptops or designer clothing, in the hope it will on sale at rock bottom prices on these dates. Whether it’s true or all hype, no doubt there are bargains to be had and businesses can reap the rewards of a reportedly slow year so far.

2nd december

NEW YEAR - 1st January 2020

Finally, there’s New Year 2020, the countdown to a brand-new year where we’ll look back on the previous year’s achievements and have our sights set on the next 12 months to do it all over again. For retailers, it's a chance to kick start the year with enticing January sales and healthy profits.

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written by WO_ShippingNews

4th October 2019

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