What is Linnworks

Linnworks is an eCommerce solution that allows online retailers to manage multiple online stores in one place. Linnworks is popular with retailers who sell on marketplaces such as Amazon, EBay and Etsy. It’s an automation tool which reduces manual entry, editing and duplication of stock and prices, by automatically updating any changes made on all your online stores in one go. Linnworks simplifies order processing with a user-friendly order management system with clear and visual sales status updates and quantities of online stock.

The great thing about Linnworks is that it has the flexibility to integrate into most shipping solutions vi it's API, providing a one-stop-shop for your online business.

World Options and Linnworks

  • Do you run a business with an online store?
  • Does your online store have a Linnworks plugin?
  • Do you require shipping services to deliver orders to your customers?
  • Do you spend a lot of admin time processing orders for delivery?
  • Would you like a simpler way of shipping your goods?
  • Would you like cost effective shipping prices?
  • Would you like the option of choosing from multiple carriers in one place?

If you do, then now might be the time streamline your shipping needs.

World Options has partnered with Linnworks to create a World Options App in the Linnworks App store.

How it works

Why make life hard for your business when we can help you make it easier and save you time and money. If your business has multiple online stores, time management and fast processing of shipping orders is key to customer satisfaction and return business.

No more processing orders manually or using external shipping websites, integrate the World Options app directly into your Linnworks online store to help you ship your orders instantly in just a few clicks.

World Options offers you the choice of viewing prices from multiple carriers all in one place and the flexibility of shipping your orders based on preference whether its delivery timescales, destination and budget.

It’s so simple to install and gives you access to World Options discounted courier rates to get the job done.

Once your shipment is booked, package your deliveries, print your shipping label and stick it to the parcels, your shipments will then be collected by the carrier and delivered to its destination.

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