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The World Options plugins and web services have been created to give website owners and businesses access to both international and domestic courier prices with clever software integrated into their online store or systems.

The additional benefits of the plug-ins are enormous, but most importantly it will eliminate hours of processing shipments by admin staff by automating the shipping process. Book single or bulk shipments with just a few clicks, then the shipment will be collected by the courier and delivered to its destination.

With our courier integration software businesses can:

  • Calculate the price of shipping to 97% of destinations across the world
  • Select which options best suits their needs - choose between courier, service, speed and price
  • Ship to international destinations and get accurate, real-time shipping prices with tracking
  • Lower courier costs using World Options Portal pricing system from the World's leading carriers
  • Reduce the man hours needed for booking shipments

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Learn more about how the World Options portal integrates with Magento websites.


Find out about the plug-ins that make seamless integration with the Woo Commerce platform possible


Discover how you can map CSV shipping files to the World Options system.


Do you use Linnworks? The World Options portal can integrate with the software, helping you take your e-commerce business to the next level.


Learn more about how our portal can integrate with your Amazon store.


Do you manage an ebay store? Find out how the World Options portal can integrate with your system and benefit both you and your customers.


Find out how the World Options portal can integrate seamlessly with your Etsy store.


Use Shopify? Learn more about how to connect your website with the World Options portal.


Find out more about the World Options plugins for BigCommerce software.


We have created a bulk shipping tool called WO Ship Manager allowing businesses to process bulk shipments fast in just a few clicks.


Find out how World Options’ software connects with AutoWEIGH systems


Integrate the World Options portal with your AutoDim technology.

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Integrations Faqs

  • What is the full list of benefits for website owners of the World Options plugins?

    Please find a list of benefits below:

    • Offer accurate international shipping prices that include all hidden charges
    • Reduce the man hours needed for booking shipments - World Options’ plug-ins automatically book web orders using customers’ checkout details
    • Save time sending tracking details to customers as tracking numbers are automatically displayed at checkout
    • Reduce courier costs using World Options Portal pricing system
    • Store and track all shipments in one place
    • Add Enhanced Cover to all web bookings
    • Offer free shipping to customers using World Options’ cheapest service
    • Choose if you want to display estimated shipping time to customers
    • Choose to display all courier services or just one
    • Discount shipping costs dependant upon cart value
    • Remove unwanted shipping destinations
    • Add back-up shipping prices
    • Add product weight and dimensions
    • Identify type e.g. single box or shared box
    • Add up to five box dimensions, allowing World Options to calculate the dimensions of the whole cart
    • Add packaging space as a percentage for every product using the packaging buffer tool
    • Export and import settings for backups or plug-in updates

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We are always looking for ways of making our technology easily accessible to all businesses.

The partner program with World Options is for technology companies that want to build an integration between their software and the World Options online shipping software.

You may have customers who require courier shipping for their business, we can help you retain those customer by merging your technology with the World Options online shipping portal. We can help solve your customers’ shipping needs and bring you more business.

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Key Reasons to Partner with World Options

  • Save time and effort looking for a shipping solution to integrate into your customers e-commerce platforms
  • Save your customer time, money and effort so they don't have to seek external shipping services
  • Allows users to compare a wide variety of shipping services and rates from multiple carriers within your software
  • Open up more doors and grow your customer base by offering your systems with World Options online shipping
  • We will be able to offer our online shipping integration to our customers who use your software

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