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If you're a business that sells goods on eBay, increase your profits and reduce your shipping costs with World Options shipping services. World Options provides affordable rates for eBay deliveries in the UK and Europe. We work with our carrier partners, UPS, FedEx, DHL and TNT to provide affordable shipping quotes for businesses.

To start, simply complete the form above and one of our dedicated account managers will help you to setup a free shipping account with us, from where you will be able to view and book quotes.


eBay is one of the most used and popular e-commerce platforms on the Internet, with hundreds of thousands of goods traded every day. However businesses need to maximise their profits, as ebay and Paypal fees can cut into profit margins. Reducing shipping costs is a good way for businesses that trade on eBay to improve their bottom lines and make their operations more financially productive.

By using World Options shipping services, businesses can compare and contrast quotes from the world's leading shipping companies and select quotes that deliver profitability and service quality that is right for them.


There are several advantages for businesses looking to save money on their eBay shipping costs. One, by making bookings through World Options, businesses will save money when compared to going directly to a carrier - as World Options utilises the power of bulk buying with leading carriers. This means that we are able to pass on these savings to our customers which results in affordable quotes for our customers.

If there is any issue with your delivery your World Options delivery, your account manager will liaise with the carrier and will try to solve the problem. Our account managers and support staff have accumulated years of shipping experience and important contacts within these leading carriers, that means we are able to deal with and solve problems quickly.

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