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World Options: Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Annika Spieler: I’m Annika, 23, originally from Leipzig, Germany. I studied Media Literacy at Otto-von Guericke Universität in Magdeburg Germany. During my studies, I worked in customer service for the Bosch Siemens Group, as well as teaching young teenagers photography. Most recently I worked as a reporter for a regional radio station where I helped produce reports about festivals, music news and online trends.

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World Options: What is your role and duties at World Options?

Annika Spieler: I make things look pretty. Whether redesigning a brochure or a social post, I try and make the graphics represent the company as good as possible.

World Options: What has been your experience so far of working at World Options?

Annika Spieler: From my very first day here I've been welcomed openly, like as if I have been working at World Options for years. Though I'm still trying to get my head around the East Lancs Accent!

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World Options: Do you have any marketing advice or tips for franchisees?

Annika Spieler: Keep up to date with our latest social media posts, like and share them with your networks, which will help to expose the brand to more customers. Read the blog posts on our website. Generally be active on social media, stay up to date with trends and events, market yourself as a shipping expert, someone that can help businesses solve their problems. Share tips, knowledge and opinions. Be consistent with your social media activity, in the same way you have to be consistent when it comes to making sales calls. Show exclusive behind the scenes content that make your business feel more approachable to customers. People follow people.

World Options: What is your favourite Holiday?

Annika Spieler: Israel. It was right before covid hit and all airports closed. We were able to get the last flight before being stranded. Even though some things felt very weird, like not being able to get by car to our hotel room because it was Shabbat, seeing tourists re-enacting Jesus’ crucifixion or being surrounded by soldiers in the tram, it was still a fantastic holiday.

World Options: Hobbies?

Annika Spieler: Everything artsy. I love drawing, painting, crocheting, knitting, lino printing, pottery, gardening.

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