Preparing for Customs in the EU

After Brexit, we expect that some form of customs procedure will apply for businesses trading with the EU. If your business ships within the EU, we advise you to familiarise yourself with the following customs procedures:

Commercial Invoices

Q: What is a commercial invoice?

A: A commercial invoice is a document that details the goods being shipped and its value. It is used to assess duties and taxes for customs processing.

Q: Is it likely a commercial invoice will be required?

A: YES – We anticipate that, similar to non EU shipments, a commercial invoice will be required for shipments going into the EU.

If it indeed does become a requirement for EU countries post Brexit, the World Options online portal will be updated to reflect this change and will prompt customers to generate the required paperwork during the booking process.

Q: How do I create a commercial invoice?

A: The World Options portal gives customers the ability to create commercial invoices, this feature also provides assistance regarding what information is required.

The below shows the existing commercial invoice page you will see during the shipping process.

portal commercial invoice page

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