Looking to ship using DHL Courier services
to anywhere in the world?

Now you can ship your business goods using DHL through the World Options online shipping portal.

We have partnered with DHL to be able to offer businesses special rates in one place.

Choose services based on your business needs, whether it’s speed, price or mode of transportation. Our aim is to offer a simple to use online platform which offers businesses shipping with ease.

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Services DHL offer through World Options online portal:

UK Services

  • Domestic Express – By the end of the day, 1 business day
  • Domestic Express – Pre 12:00 pm
  • Domestic Express – Pre 9 am

Looking for DHL International Services? Choose from:

  • Express Worldwide – time sensitive delivery by the end of the next working day
  • Express Worldwide - Pre 12:00 pm
  • Economy Select – European by Road
  • Import Express Worldwide
  • Import Economy Select

DHL have their UK based hub situated in East Midlands Airport, with their European and World Hubs located in Leipzig, Germany and Plantation, Florida in the USA.

DHL offer very competitive prices and have some fantastic rates available for lightweight shipments on items such as documents.

As an all-around carrier, they cover the world over but are known for being able to offer fantastic services on shipments to Africa and Europe.

Looking to ship to Russia?

Out of all the carriers we work with, DHL has a good network in place for dealing with the Russian market.

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