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Laptops are now an important tool for work and play. They are carried across workplaces, classrooms and the home, on planes, trains and in cars. However, Laptops are fragile pieces of Electronic equipment liable to become damaged easily. So how does a business ship laptops between destinations without causing damage?

Choosing The Right Box To Ship A Laptop In

Before shipping your laptop, take the time to select the right box that you will be sending the laptop inside of. If the laptop that you will be shipping is a brand new one, then the original box that the laptop arrived in will suffice. Using the original box will provide adequate protection for the device.

laptop in box

A word of warning though, laptop manufacturer boxes are designed for palletised freight shipping and are not intended to be used for shipping laptops on their own. Because of this, if you still intend to send a laptop inside of its original box, use an outer box to place the laptop inside of and ship using this method.

The outer box should be six inches wider on all sides than the manufacturers box. Fill the bottom of the outer box with inflatable air packaging or foam inserts and then the sides as well.

If you intend to use an older box to ship the laptop inside of make sure that the box, including the flaps are not ripped or torn.


Before packing a laptop to be shipped - if the laptop being sent is a used one, clear all dust from the device, clean any stains or marks and check to see that the Laptop has been completely switched off. Take some Electrical tape and attach it over the power and volume buttons, this will stop the Laptop from accidentally getting switched on during delivery.

In order to protect the keyboard and screen, insert a thin foam block or bubble wrap between the two. Wrap the laptop in it's entirety in bubble wrap and then slide the Laptop inside of a plastic bag, which when inserted leaves no gaps. All cables, plugs and another accessories should be bound with cable ties and placed in bubble wrap.

laptop in bubble wrap

Put the laptop into the manufacturers box, if you are sending a new laptop, or a another box if you are sending a used Laptop. Fill all gaps inside of the box with foam inserts or equivalent protective packaging. Doing so will stop the Laptop from being jostled whilst on the move. Try avoiding using loose fill packing chips to fill the gaps as these will be less effective that foam inserts in stopping the Laptop from moving around.

Check to see that the laptop is secure by shaking it gently then close and seal.

Repeat the same process as above when it comes to packing the outer box. To finish tape the flaps add the posting label and tape the edges of the box.

How To Ship A Laptop By Air

When shipping a laptop by air, it is important to avoid having the laptop overheat. The best way to do ensure this is to be sure that the laptop has fully powered down and that the power button is covered with tape so that it doesn't get switched on by mistake.

A final note to consider is that some carriers may refuse to transport laptops because of the danger posed by Lithium Ion Batteries. Prior to booking your shipment, check with the carrier that you intend to use and see if they allow the transportation of Laptops.

laptop lithium battery


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written by shahzad.akram

27th July 2020

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