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5 facts about UPS

1. Two teenagers and one bicycle

In 2017, UPS recorded an annual turnover of $65 billion and a market capitalisation of $90 billion. The company employs over 481,000 people in 220 countries around the world - numbers which are a far cry from UPS’s humble beginnings in 1907, when the company was founded by 19 year old James Casey and 18 year old Claude Ryan in a hotel basement in Seattle, WA, who had one bike between them and $100 in seed money, borrowed from a friend.

ups 1920's

2. Why UPS trucks are brown

Originally, James Casey one of the co-founders of UPS wanted to use the colour Yellow on all UPS trucks. Casey was convinced to re-consider by one his partners, Charlie Soderstrom to instead use the colour brown as Pullman railroad cars at the time were painted in brown and using the colour would mean the trucks would be easy to clean and soil, dirt and mud wouldn’t show up on the vans, (roads during this period could be unpaved and muddy.) Today, UPS brown trucks are one the most recognisable symbols of any brand in the world.

ups trucks

3. UPS Drivers – The face of the brand

UPS pays great attention in projecting the best image as possible for its company and brand and one of these takes the form of its drivers. To become a UPS driver is akin to joining an elite club, as there as many rules which are required for them to adhere to. After undergoing an intense training program, UPS drivers are taught 340 precise steps in how to correctly deliver a package. Some of these steps include:

  • How to load a truck
  • How to walk correctly in order to optimise motion
  • No left turning (to avoid wasting fuel)
  • How to efficiently enter and leave a truck (what hand to keep keys on, what hand to open and close a door with)
  • Awards for safe driving

4. Pioneer in Same Day Delivery

In March 1925, UPS launched the ‘Red Arrow Bonded Messenger Corporation’ a same day delivery service delivering dental impression moulds for dentists. Couriers delivered the items using bicycles and motorbikes. The service was a huge success and one of the first high-value, same day delivery service ever launched.

express delivery

5. UPS Fast Facts

  • In 2018 UPS delivered 5.2 billion packages and documents worldwide and delivered 20.7 million packages and documents daily.
  • There were over 180 million daily tracking requests on
  • The company operates over 123,000 vans, cars, tractors and 248 jet aircraft.

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