Stewart Butler Founder and CEO IT & Systems

James Edwards Group Chief Finance Officer Accounts

Leland Mayall Franchise Development Director Franchise Support

Richard Ormerod Franchise Training Director Franchise Support

Brett Beresford Franchise Operations Director Franchise Support

Lance Grew Franchise IT Director IT & Systems

Howard McCormick UK Franchise Sales and Recruitment Director Franchise Support

Tracey Higgins Franchise Billing Director Accounts

Bernie McAskill P.A. to the Directors Franchise Support

Trevor Wong Office Support Assistant Business Service Support

Angela Delaney Franchise Marketing Manager Marketing

Shahzad Akram SEO Specialist Marketing

Adam Dique IT & Franchise Support IT & Systems

Michael Masser Franchise Technical Support IT & Systems

Jen Tillotson Senior Customer Service Manager Customer Support

Janette Derbyshire Customer Support Manager Customer Support

Mark Collins Customer Support

Charlotte Dique Customer Support

David Holt Customer Support

Abigail Kyme Customer Support

Layla Cummings Customer Support

Rachel Taylor Customer Support

Lauren Pearson Customer Support

Emma Mcleister Customer Services

Steph Gore Credit Control Manager Accounts

Katie Blakeway Accounts Manager Accounts

Kimberly Bowe Accounts Assistant Accounts

Jodie Burke Accounts Assistant Accounts

Jade McClure Accounts Assistant Accounts

Oliver Wood Finance Apprentice Accounts

Wendy Smethurst Credit Control Accounts

David Bartholomew Invoice Query Accounts

Rachel Collins Credit Control Accounts

Rosey Shabbir Credit Control Accounts

Claire Fairley Credit Control Accounts

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