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Do you own a company which manufactures furniture or do you run a furniture courier service or a furniture restorer business?

Need to send furniture to a destination in the UK or somewhere abroad? It doesn’t matter if the item is a sofa, table, chair, stool or other kinds of furniture – World Options can help you send furniture goods safely and on time.

We work with some of the world’s leading shipping couriers, who can provide a variety of affordable shipping quotes when you need to send furniture abroad or in the UK, via a large parcel or on a pallet.

Furniture requires extra care to avoid damage on route to its delivery destination. World Options has partnered with Palletways and Pallex who are pallet experts at sending large and odd-shaped items.

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Transporting Furniture Inside A Truck

Most carriers transporting furniture will tend to arrange the objects together with other furniture so it doesn’t move in transit and is secure. Other methods are to tie furniture against the walls of the truck to reduce movement.

Some carriers also use blocking and bracing, where wooden, metal or plastic bars are attached to a load to stop it from moving backwards and forwards.

Measuring Furniture for Transport

Before loading furniture goods, be sure that the furniture will meet the carrier’s size and weight requirements. Failure to do so may lead to you being charged a fee by the carrier, for not meeting their weight and size rules.

Package Your Furniture

Furniture needs to be packed in dense or re-enforced cardboard or affixed to a crate, due to their heavy, irregular shape. Furniture parts such as arms and table legs should be wrapped in foam or bubble wrap to stop them from breaking or snapping. Also, fill the space between chair legs and around the item in the box with foam or another kind of filler.

What Type of Box to Use?

If the furniture package weighs over 31.5 kg, you will need to use boxes that you are confident will be strong enough to take the weight of the item.

  • Avoid a box with glued seams and instead choose a box that has seams that are stapled or stitched.
  • Pick a brand-new box. Do not use a used box.
  • Seal the box with reinforced heavy-duty tape.

Furniture Courier - Speed And Safety

We aim to help get furniture goods delivered safely and quickly. By using the World Options online portal, you will be able to take your pick of shipping quotes sorted by price and delivery time. With the added reassurance that the goods will be safe because World Options works with only the world’s leading carriers like UPS, FedEx, DHL, and TNT.

Start Shipping Furniture Today

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