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Fedex's international priority service delivers to the USA within 24 hours, helping to ensure that your customers are never disappointed.

FedEx also offer great import and export savings for shipments to China.

Services FedEx offer offer through World Options online portal:

Global FedEx Service

  • International Priority – USA Next Day (booked in before 11:00 am)
  • International Priority


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Please Note: UK Limited companies can only ship with us. We do not accept companies based outside of the UK, self-employed individuals and people who do not own a company.


FedEx have their UK based hub situated at Stansted airport, with their European and World Hubs located in Paris, France Germany and World Hub in Memphis USA.

FedEx is best suited if you’re looking to make shipments to the USA in 24 hours. They have unrivalled service levels to anyone shipping to Central and South America.

As an all-around carrier, they cover the world over but are known for being able to offer fantastic service in particular on shipments to Africa and Europe.

They also have great links to China and the Far East.

Looking to ship to Italy?

If you ship to Italy on a regular basis, FedEx offer competitive shipping rates to Italy through the World Options online shipping portal.

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