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How To Pack And Ship Glass

Ensuring that the items you are sending is kept safe and intact is a prerequisite for all items being shipped, but for shipping glass or items manufactured from glass, that need for protection is even greater.

Here is our guide on how you can safely pack glass items, to lessen the risk of them breaking during transit.

1. Take Time When Packing Glass

It doesn't take much to break or damage glass, so take your time when packing glass items and if you do unfortunately end up smashing glass broken glass can cause harm to whoever is packing it. We recommend handling the items and package with care and to take precautions such as wearing gloves or googles for extra protection.

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There are many items that contain glass, but many people are unaware of. These items can include:

  • Television sets
  • Food containers
  • Electronic appliances
  • Watches/clocks
  • Jewellery

Be sure to double check that the items are free from damage before shipping. And if you come across any items that contain, cracked, shipped or broken glass - do not ship them.


During the delivery process, goods can pass through multiple shipping methods, such as being transported from a store into a truck and to a courier depot and then taken in a van to a central logistics hub, before finally being delivered to it's final destination.

These delivery stages will mean that your items will be pushed, pulled and moved around a lot and if your items haven't been packed properly the end result will be damage to your item.

For items that have an unusual shape, such as lamps, pack each section separately. When packing flat surfaced items such as mirrors, affix an X shape over the surface with masking tape. Doing this will help to reduce the likelihood of the glass breaking due to bumps and violent movements.

4. Don't Skimp On Packing Material

More than any other item, it is imperative to use as much packing material such as bubble wrap, foam, air pillows and inserts as possible. Try and match the packaging material that you will be using to the shape of the item. A glass trophy and a large framed picture will be packaged differently.

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Use liberal amounts of packaging material for items with fragile glass. But remember not to package the item too tightly, as this may cause the glass to break.

5. Choose The Right Box

Try to use a new and sturdy box for shipping glass items. Used boxes are acceptable, but ensure that the box is stable and that the bottom of the box, corners and walls aren't frayed or damaged.

If you are planning of shipping multiple items within a single box, each item should be packed separately and laid out with the intention that the items do not damage each other when in transit.

Using Cardboard box fittings or corrugated inserts is a good way of maintaining separation especially for glassware.

The most heaviest items should be added to the bottom of the box, with the bottom of the box being cushioned with packing material.

Double boxing glass items, is the best way to ensure that your items don't get damaged. To do this use an outer box that is at least six inches bigger on all sides than the inner box. Add cushioning to the outer container's floor and further protection in the gaps between the outer and inner box walls.

Once you have finished packed your item, seal the box with good quality tape, print the words 'FRAGILE' in block capitals on the outer box with a marker pen and add arrows pointing toward the direction of the lid and underneath write 'this way up.'


written by shahzad.akram

10th September 2020

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