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5 Facts About DX Courier Services

1. Started life as a LEGAL document courier

Founded on the 15th September 1975 in Chancery Lane, London, DX started as a secure document courier service for the legal sector. The company was co-founded by Pauline Lyle Smith, an Australian solicitor who on moving to the UK saw that there was no DX (Document eXchange) system in the UK, whereby solicitors, barristers and courts could send paperwork and files securely and safely.

5 facts about dx freight


2. Massive Growth

By 1995, DX had become so ubiquitous that lawyers began calling the process of sending legal documents as "DXing." The system had grown to the point where every night, DX would send 750,000 pieces of documents from their 35 sorting centres and 2,800 drop-off points located throughout the UK.


Nightfreight GB was a logistics service founded in 1984 by a cooperative of transport companies. The company grew rapidly as more firms joined. Nightfreight GB was known to specialise in the delivery of as 'ugly freight' - irregularly shaped and weighted items such as canoes and bicycles. Nightfreight main customers were from the business to business and business to consumer sectors. In 1993 Nightfreight was listed on the London Stock Exchange and by 2004 the company had expanded to employing 2,500 people and had 52 depots and three large logistics hubs.

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In 2012, Nightfreight GB was acquired by DX and renamed DX Freight, a move which created the largest independent mail, courier and network distribution service in the UK and Ireland.


  • In 2019, DX Courier Services made 80 million deliveries.
  • DX Courier Services and DX Freight operate from 74 depots and service centres across the UK and Ireland.
  • The DX Group recorded revenue of £322.5m in 2018.

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written by shahzad.akram

22nd May 2020

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