Singapore used to be a British colony, business links established then continue to thrive today and have opened up more channels between both countries. Singapore is considered to be a global commercial hub for business and trade. A huge quantity of goods are transported from the UK to Singapore every year, either as the final destination or through to another destination in Asia.

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UPS International Services:

  • Express Saver - by 12 pm (1-5 business days)

DHL International Services

  • Express Worldwide – time-sensitive delivery by the end of the next working day

TNT International Services:

  • Express - Global
  • Express – Economy

FedEx International Services

  • International Priority


Singapore has strict rules around what is restricted from entering the country, as well as tight controls over goods that it will allow under certain circumstances. For a full list of these items, contact the Singapore Customs body.

Items that are prohibited from entry cannot be brought into Singapore under any circumstances and it is an offence to attempt this. They include:

  • Chewing gum
  • Cigarette lighters that are pistol or revolver shaped
  • Controlled drugs listed under 4th Schedule of Misuse of Drugs Regulation
  • Endangered species of wildlife
  • Firecrackers
  • Rhinoceros horn
  • Telecommunication equipment (see Customs body for full details)
  • Tobacco products (see Customs body for full details)

Controlled goods require an import permit or authorisation form from the relevant competent authority to be brought into Singapore. The list of items includes, but is not limited to, the following goods:

  • Animals, birds, and products thereof
  • Batteries
  • Cartridges
  • Chemicals
  • Rough diamonds
  • Fresh or chilled fruits and vegetables
  • Meats and meat products
  • Rice
  • Timber and wood

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The Customs Act applies to all goods imported from the UK to Singapore. Imported goods are subject to the goods and services tax (which stands at 7%), as well as duty payment, and businesses must obtain a customs permit for this.

There are numerous types of customs permit and a full list is provided by the Singapore Customs authority. Common errors made by businesses importing goods to Singapore include:

  • Incorrect declarations on the value of goods being imported
  • Failure to produce trade documents
  • Failure to declare the goods being imported
  • Lack of licence or customs permit for customs clearance


The city-state of Singapore is small in size but very wealthy, providing many opportunities to do business. It is the location where the main east and west shipping lanes meet, opening up both networks and providing an appealing base for many global businesses.

According to the UK government, more than 1,000 British companies have a presence in Singapore, benefitting from factors such as the common language and strong shared history, the free flow of goods, similar business practices and its proximity to the major Asia Pacific economies.

The top 10 exports from the UK to Singapore are:

  • Business services
  • Chemicals
  • Financial and insurance services
  • Food and beverages
  • Intellectual property
  • Machinery and transport equipment
  • Manufactured goods
  • Miscellaneous manufactured articles
  • Transport services
  • Travel services


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