Customer’s Name: Paul

Job Title: Brand Manager

Location: Rochdale

Type of Company: Bespoke Luggage Manufacturer

Types of Shipping Needs: Domestic and International

Frequency: Up to 60 packages a week

Why did you choose World Options?

We are a low-volume manufacturer of bespoke products, sending out around 60 parcels a month, which means we don’t have the ability to get a cost-effective account directly with a courier as our volume of work would never be enough to attract a decent rate.

Due to this, we were looking around online for a third party supplier that could provide us with a more cost-effective courier service than we were able to obtain ourselves. We found and started using World Options to book carriers, as it is able to get a better rate by a considerable amount than we would be able to get if we had a direct account, due to the volume of packages.

What’s the best thing about working with World Options?

We weren’t looking for a cheap and cost effective option, we needed a quality customer service provider as well as a delivery service. Our service is bespoke, which means we’re high on customer care, and so we were looking for a carrier option that also provides a high quality customer service.

Our products are bespoke made-to-measure travel luggage and accessories and, as such, all of our customers are going on flights - and if they’re flying on Tuesday they don’t want their bag from us to arrive on Wednesday. If a bag hasn’t arrived in time then it’s incredibly important to us that we get a quick resolution to the issue - and that’s when the service from WO is definitely better than any other service.

Our World Options account manager provides us with an exceptional level of customer service - we can email or call him and within a very short period of time he responds to our request and deals with the problem very quickly and swiftly. It can all be resolved within an hour. That is worth more to me, as a business, than anything else.

Has it saved you time?

As a small business I don’t want to spend half my morning chasing after a courier - it simply wouldn’t be cost effective to do that. One email to our account manager at World Options and that’s all I need to do. To me this service is vital - as a small business with a small number of employees it is far better to use World Options and get their person to track down a package than it is tie up either yourself or one of your employees.

If things are working perfectly and smoothly then it doesn’t matter, it makes no difference, but when it goes wrong then then that’s the difference between using World Options or a different direct courier service.

Would you recommend it to other businesses like yours?

I would recommend World Options without reservation to any business that sends out parcels on a regular basis. They offer me the best, most cost-effective service because they’re able to get better rates than I would otherwise and, without a shadow of a doubt, they give me a customer service element that isn’t available elsewhere, which saves me time and makes me more productive. If you’re a small business with low volumes then World Options is most definitely for you, no doubt about that.

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