Customer’s name: Libby

Job Title: Logistics Co-ordinator

Location: Lancashire, UK

Type of company: Fabric manufacturer

Types of Shipping Needs: Ship pallets/cartons/documents etc. both domestic and international

Shipping Frequency: 1 - 3 shipments per week
"The best thing has been the ease of use and customer services. Using the portal means we are provided with different options on carriers, cost and availability."

What matters to you:

What was your buying criteria – what matters to you? Is it reliability, convenience, service or price?

Prior to World Options, we were using another service but it turned out to be unreliable, and so the reliability of the shipping portal was an important factor in deciding to go with World Options.

Convenience, service and price are also important and, of course, the choice of service from different carriers.

What was the top benefit you wanted to achieve with World Option's shipping solution?

The convenience of using the one comparison system – it is brilliantly time saving.

Are there particular features that you like the most or found useful?

The fact that World Options offers both export and import services.

Using the World Options online shipping portal:

How easy was implementation of our solution and how long did it take?

No issue on set up - and both myself and my predecessor have always found that customer services is on hand if we have any questions or issues following an online booking. Any issues have always been resolved very quickly.

Can you provide examples on ways you’re using the portal?

We ship fabric samples, shipping documents, fabric specification data sheets, certificates and fabric rolls. These are shipped to Europe and the rest of the world on a very regular basis.

Benefits and results:

What benefits have you seen since implementing the World Options online shipping portal?

The shipping portal is cost effective, easy to use and reliable.

Has it saved you time? If so, how much?

Definitely. We have saved ourselves several hours – time that we would have spent waiting on replies from carriers.

How have your customers reacted?

We’ve had a good response from customers. Customer satisfaction is our key measure of success, and our customers enjoy receiving a good delivery service and reliable online tracking.

Have you seen an ROI, i.e. saving on shipping costs, business time saved?

Yes - we saved on time and also on shipping costs.

What has been the best thing about working with World Options?

The best thing has been the ease of use and customer services. Using the portal means we are provided with different options on carriers, cost and availability.

In addition we get good service, good handling of fabric goods, customer satisfaction and, of course, savings on costs and time. I would definitely recommend it to others.

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