Name: Karen

Job Title: Dispatch Manager

Location: Bury, North West

Type of company: Car industry

Types of Shipping Needs: Domestic, international, import and export

Frequency: Daily

What were you looking for?

Our key requirements were ease of use, clear pricing, good availability of pickups and delivery times and also the ability to call a dedicated account manager and discuss options for tricky situations.

I also needed a good choice of couriers as we can sell anything from an engine to a small clip for a piece of trim and we ship everywhere, from mainland UK to Australia. I need late pickup times, good tracking and fast/cheap options for different areas and sizes.

How do you use the online shipping portal?

I use the portal 10 to 15 times a day for tracking and booking out, and also for quotes. If someone wants to buy something from us on eBay and they’re in Canada and they want a price first, you can use the portal to quickly find out that information.

So far this month (July), I’ve sent 175 parcels, mainly in the UK but also some European deliveries with UPS, and some collections with TNT. We also have customers where we just send a label over and the customer can drop their parcel off at their local UPS drop-off point.

What features of the portal do you like the most or have found most useful?

The fact that it’s a simple, easy-to-use system - it has the ability to save the addresses we use most often. It’s effortless to book out returns and third party collections, and I love the ease with which I can send labels and so on.

Have you saved time and money using the portal?

Yes, most of my consignments are going out cheaper and faster, especially for European shipping, where we’ve seen reduced costs. The portal is so easy to use, which speeds up the process, and simple things like being able to save the most commonly used addresses helps save time.

Additionally, I save time as I’m spend less time faffing around with organising shipments because I can do it all on the portal. It’s very straightforward and easy to use - I can arrange returns, carriage forward, the works! I can email people labels and then they take the stuff to drop off points if they don’t want to be in waiting for us all day to pick it up.

What has been the best thing about working with World Options?

The best thing has been the great service from Kieran, our account manager, who has great knowledge and together we’ve managed to solve a few problems by thinking outside the box.

It’s just him knowing what companies do what, and what’s feasible for us - he knows if we drop off, if we can pick up and so on. He just knows all the options. Keiran is the face of the company to us. He’s pretty much always contactable, and on the odd occasion he’s not free on the phone, he’ll reply by email straight away.

For example, we’ve had occasions when a customer has called up at 2pm on a Friday and needs something for delivery at 10am on the Saturday morning. In these moments you don’t have a lot of options as you’ve not got a lot of time. However, when this happens now I can just ring Kieran and he will come up with a solution. It might be expensive, it might be tricky, and it might involve a lot of faffing, but we get it done. We had a parcel to get to a customer in Scotland and he got it there - from me speaking to Kieran at 2pm on the Friday, the customer got it 10am Saturday morning, he was over the moon!

Would you recommend it to other businesses like yours?

Yes, hands down I would recommend, it’s great service all round - cheaper, faster and easier to use. We get great support from Kieran; the prices are cheaper on most parcels; the portal offers easy tracking and there is good communication from accounts - it’s very transparent.

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