by Angela Delaney

Why freight forwarders are investing in online shipping franchises

The freight forwarding industry is growing and changing at a rapid rate due to online shipping, and as businesses with shipping needs increasingly see the value of paying for an expert to negotiate the best way to get a product from A to B.

Freight forwarders play a crucial role in global business, taking the stress out of domestic and international shipping so that companies can focus on their day job. From dealing with every step of transportation, to handling customs clearance and paperwork, the scope of a freight forwarder varies greatly. This means that those working as freight forwarders are resourceful, often have many transferable skills and have strong contacts with carriers around the country.

Freight forwarder in warehouse

It is for these reasons that freight forwarders are transitioning into business owners by buying ready made businesses through online shipping franchises such as World Options.

What makes this transition a perfect fit is that its using the traditional skills of a freight forwarder and bringing it bang up to date. Freight Forwarders who become online shipping business owners are familiar with the process of importing and exporting, as well as knowing the industry fully and having an extensive book of contacts that they can begin to utilise from day one to maximise their earning potential. We have recently noticed a rise in the number of freight forwarders enquiring about our franchise offering and it is clear to see why. Here are just some of the reasons that make the two sides such a good match:

Local connections:

Freight forwarders tend to have fantastic connections with local and domestic carriers, who they can rely upon to transport a variety of goods to destinations around the country. They also have strong contacts with local business owners who, in turn, lean on these relationships and know that their chosen forwarder can be trusted with their goods. This can be a useful component of being a World Options franchisee, as some of our most successful franchisees are those who have a huge black book of contacts that would benefit from the World Options shipping portal.


A freight forwarder needs to be resourceful. If, for example, a business wants to send goods to another country within the next 24h there a limited number of ways to do so. Their freight forwarder must be able to quickly identify the best option for this and have the right contacts to make it happen. This stands them in great stead as a franchisee, as one of their many roles in the provision of the World Options shipping portal to customers is to perform as a dedicated account manager. This means that for any issue that the customer encounters, that cannot be quickly resolved by the online capabilities of the portal, the account manager must be able to respond to and resolve quickly.

Thinking global:

Those who work on international freight forwarding, as well as domestic, have a solid understanding of how global logistics works. They know that, for example, if a business needs to send a product from the UK to China in two to three days this will not be achieved by shipping, and instead must consider rail or air transport. They will also have an immediate understanding of what customs procedures would be involved and any potential delays en route. Being able to view the world as a whole and know what is achievable puts our freight forwarder franchisees at an advantage when speaking to their business contacts. They can then use the World Options software to show business owners all the options available to them.

Embracing a digital world:

There is much talk in business at the moment around digitisation and concerns over technology replacing manpower in certain industries. Many freight forwarders will have seen the benefits of technology in helping them to do their job; in fact their roles may not have existed without these innovations. But technology does mean that certain roles within transport and logistics are no longer required, forcing some to consider a career change.

Opportunities like freight forwarding and franchising open up new avenues for those people who can carve out a new and exciting career path that maximises on their existing knowledge but provides a safe and lucrative future. Choosing to work in a business that has the latest software innovations, like the unique World Options shipping portal, allows franchisees to make the most of their business connections and take them to the next level.


written by Angela Delaney

29th August 2018

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