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UK Truckers allowed to continue operating in Europe with no Brexit deal

With a possible no deal Brexit looming, the transportation and logistics industry have started putting measures in place to avoid disruptions and keep deliveries moving across EU networks.

So, it comes as a relief to many that the FTA (Freight Transport Association) have announced there will be some form of reprieve for hauliers in contingency plans for leaving the EU.

In the event of a no deal Brexit, which is looking more likely every day, UK hauliers may be able to take advantage of a grace period which allows them to maintain operations in European Union for up to 9 months.

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Although it has yet to be officially confirmed, a draft, provisional agreement between the European Parliament and Member States will allow UK hauliers to operate without European Conference of Ministers of Transport (ECMT) permits.

The likely concession follows two years of intense lobbying by the UK FTA which welcomed the decision.

FTA’s European policy manager, Sarah Laouadi * has said: “The lack of ECMT permits under a no deal Brexit would severely limit market access for thousands of UK businesses, and is something we have worked tirelessly to address on behalf of our members. “Today’s announcement will give some respite concerned about the future of their businesses, but is far from offering frictionless operating conditions and should still be viewed in light of the threat posed to the UK’s trading relationships by a no deal departure from the EU.” Laouadi added: “The offer is only valid for nine months from Brexit date, could be revoked unilaterally by the EU without any appeal mechanism, and would not provide the same levels of access as UK hauliers currently enjoy. “Shippers have come to rely on fully flexible logistics operators, who can move goods as and when necessary, but this would not be possible under the contingency approved today.

Road feeder services (RFS) between UK and EU airports are an important part of the airfreight supply chains, particularly for high value and time-sensitive goods.

But the FTA have claimed further that despite this good news, the concession still leaves UK hauliers “with much to consider”.

“For instance, cabotage rights in the EU would be limited significantly, and progressively reduced during the nine month period under review, with no cabotage rights at all in the final two months of the contingency period.
“This would have a significant impact on those businesses trading in Europe as they return to the UK.”

World Options welcomes thIS, with Brexit already a heated subject, such positive news can only be a good thing.

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*FTA Press Release - Some relief for hauliers in EU contingency, says FTA - Tuesday 05 March 2019

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