by Angela Delaney

Say Hello to Privacy of Personal Data

GDPR Stress Image

GDPR Happy Image

It’s been an interesting few weeks for businesses! The new four-letter acronym which has quite literally sent shivers down the spines of business owners and marketers throughout the UK, never mind Europe…it is of course GDPR.

But before you think this is another article about the do's and don’ts, it’s not.

So why are we writing another article about GDPR?

Just to say…Businesses we know your pain! We’ve been through it. It’s been an eye opener, it’s been mind boggling, brain freezing but we got there.

We took it apart, broke it down and busted GDPR right out of oblivion. And we do believe we are smarter and will work better for it.

We’ve educated our staff, our teams, our franchisees, our business partners and ourselves.

Freedom to choose what you want to receive and share with the World is a good thing, having Options is even better.

Now let’s clear out our inboxes of all our GDPR Opt-In emails. Let’s put this bad boy into practise, it’s a new era of General Data Protection Regulation. And let’s say hello to privacy of personal data.

Now can we get back to doing our jobs please.

Good Luck Businesses…and Happy Shipping!

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