how to ship shoes

Are you an e-commerce business selling shoes and you need to know how to deliver them safely, without getting damaged? Read our guide on how to properly ship shoes and reduce the risk of damage.

Shipping Shoes

New or used shoes should always be shipped inside a box, preferably inside the original box that the shoes came in. Doing so will have to preserve and protect the shoes from damage such as nicks and distortions. However, this does not mean that shoes should simply be shipped in the box that they came in. Open the box, remove the shoes and wrap them in protection material such bubble wrap, in order to stop the shoes from moving around when in transit.

packing shoes

Women's shoes such as Stilettos need to be packed carefully, with bubble wrap covering Stilletto heel and on any other fragile areas as well.

Shipping New Shoes Without A Box

Make sure that all buckles, clips, brooches, or other embellishments are secured and then wrap the left and right shoes together in plastic and place inside a padded bubble envelope.

Large men's footwear and women's high heeled shoes should be sent inside of a box.

How To Ship Used Shoes

Used shoes or trainers should be mailed in a clean as possible condition. For Leather or Plastic shoes wipe away any dirt or stains using a clean cloth. Use a suede brush to remove stains and dirt. Insoles and inserts can be washed with Soap if they are emitting smells. Once cleaned, tie the laces on top or tuck them inside the shoe.

cleaning suede shoes

Packing shoes for shipping

If you have cleaned your shoes with water or some other form of liquid, make sure that the shoes are thoroughly dry and aren't damp. A sturdy box is an ideal way to ship shoes. Place the shoes inside of the box, ideally with the shoes forming a tight yet comfortable fit inside of the box. If there are any gaps or spaces between the shoe box and the outer box fill those voids with bubble wrap, shake gently to see, and hear if the box is moving around. If it is, add more protective filling and then close the box, seal with packaging tape, and attach the shipping label.


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written by shahzad.akram

27th July 2020

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