how to ship clothes

If you run an e-commerce business or a high street store that ships clothes then it's vital that your orders get delivered to their destination on time and without getting damaged. However not all clothes are the same and there are different ways to package different types of clothes.

How to ship a wedding dress

During wedding planning, there's nothing more important than getting a wedding dress gets to it's venue on time. Here's our tips to ensure that a wedding dress is packaged correctly for shipping.

  • Before it get's shipped, remember to hang up the wedding dress and store it somewhere cool, dry and dust free.
  • Measure the dress and use a box slightly bigger than the dress and one with no room for the wedding dress to move around when in transit.
  • Fold the arms of the wedding dress and place tissue paper over all fabric and embellishments. Do not crush or place weight onto the dress.
  • Starting with the left hand side, fold the train towards the centre and then do the same with the right hand side. Then roll up the dress and make sure that the material is not crushed.
  • Slide the wedding dress into a transparent garment bag and place the bag into the box. If the garment bag has a zip, take extra care to make sure that no part of the fabric get caught in the zip.
  • Look for any gaps between the garment bag and the walls of the box and place bubble wrap wherever you find any spaces.
  • Seal the box with tape, attach the shipping label and write the words 'WEDDING DRESS' in block capitals onto the box.

wedding dress hung up


Shirts need to be folded correctly before shipping so that they don't get damaged during the delivery process. Here are our recommended steps we advise when it comes to shipping shirts.

  • Lay the shirt downwards on a flat surface, fold the sides so that they meet in the middle. Take the bottom and fold the shirt three times equally so that the front of the shirt appears at the top.
  • Place the shirt into a plastic bag and then into a poly-mailer.
  • Use a box if you are sending multiple shirts. To find the right-fitting box, measure the shirts and select a box in which the shirts won't slide during transit.
  • If you are sending multiple brand new shirts, place each shirt inside of it's own bag and add bubble wrap all around the shirts to stop movement during delivery.

folded shirt


Preparing Jeans or trousers for shipping is similar to sending shirts. Read on to see our advice for shipping trousers or jeans.

  • If your sending one pair or jeans or trousers, then a single poly-mailer will suffice. If you're sending multiples or dozens, then we recommend sending your Jeans or trousers in a box.
  • Place the Jeans or trousers onto a flat surface and fold in half lengthwise and fold again either 3 or 4 times.

jeans stacked on top of each other

  • If you're only sending one pair, slide the Jeans or trousers into a poly-mailer, affix the postage label and your package will be ready for delivery.
  • For sending multiple pairs of Jeans or trousers in a box, then the steps listed for packaging shirts should be followed. Place the Jeans or trousers into their own bag, stack them all on top of each other and fill in all gaps inside the box with bubble wrap.
  • Remember to place any paperwork such as an Invoice inside the box, then tape the box, add the shipping label and wait for your package to be picked up or drop it off at a courier pick-up location.


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written by shahzad.akram

27th July 2020

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