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Even with the advent of e-readers and the World Wide Web, the buying, selling and reading of books retains its importance in the Internet age. Many businesses and government institutions such as schools and universities continue to ship books on a regular basis. Follow our step by step advice on how to ship a book safely and problem-free.

Preparing books for shipping

A major bug-bear for many people is when ordering a brand-new book or used book which is stated to be in good condition, they discover the book on delivery to be water damaged or have folded edges.

To avoid this wrap the book in plastic or slide in into a plastic bag. The bag should not fit tightly over the book, try to keep some air inside the bag, as this will act as cushioning for the book.

book in bubble wrap

Another method is to cover the book in bubble wrap, which will provide the same protection as a plastic bag. Waxed Kraft paper can also be used to wrap a book. The material is used in the Engineering industry and prevents liquids from penetrating and Kraft paper is difficult to tear.

The best way to ensure that your book, whether it be a hardback or a paperback doesn't get damaged when in transit, is it to use the combination of cardboard envelopes or mailers and a poly mailer. Place the book inside of a good quality cardboard mailer after first having wrapped the book in bubble wrap or Kraft paper, seal the envelope and then put the mailer in a poly mailer.

How To Ship Large Books

Large books such as Coffee table books should always be wrapped in protective material such as Plastic or bubble wrap, doing so will protect the book from getting damaged by Water. In addition place the book into a cardboard mailer and send in a polymailer.

coffee table book


The same guidance for shipping large and small books applies here, but make sure to choose a strong box that will be able to take the weight and size of the books and don't forget to follow the dimensional weight requirements of the courier that you choose to deliver the books.

For bulk shipments of books, you will need to use a multi-depth box with cardboard dividers and fill the box with protective packaging such as bubble wrap, loose fill or foam blocks.

Shipping Antique or Valuable Books

Old and expensive books should be shipped using the steps detailed above, but with extra care taken when wrapping and placing the items. Remember to tape the seams of the box that the books will be shipped in and choose a premium, express delivery option, with added insurance cover if available.

antique books


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written by shahzad.akram

27th July 2020

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