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Coronavirus Update - Shipping Services

We continue accepting courier bookings on the World Options online shipping portal as usual and our partner carriers UPS, DHL, FedEx, TNT, DPD continue to pick up deliveries and transport goods to UK destinations and to countries that are accepting imports and exports. There are however, some shipping service restrictions and suspensions to some countries, please read the information below and view the carriers links for more information.

Many British businesses have orders to fulfil and products that require transportation, we endeavour to keep business imports and exports moving by continuing to provide domestic and international courier delivery services wherever possible.


Carrier service updates are changing on a regular basis, to confirm your chosen carrier service is available view the links below or contact your Account Manager.

We've received the following updates from our carrier partners, any further updates will be added as the carriers make their announcements.

  • All Couriers - All collections and deliveries for India have been suspended until further notice.
  • All Carriers - If the carrier is unable to deliver goods due to the business premises or delivery address being closed, customers will still be charged for the shipment and return charges will apply.
  • Italy - has restricted import deliveries to “food and medical supplies” only. If customers book shipments which are not “food and medical supplies” to Italy on the World Options online shipping portal, this is at the customers own risk. The goods may get returned, held up in customs and may incur additional customs charges.




Fedex and TNT have announced shipping service restrictions and service suspensions.

TNT Exports

  • TNT Economy European Exports Restriction from July 13 - all TNT Economy shipments from Europe to Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia are temporarily suspended until further notice.
  • TNT Restriction from 29th June - Restriction on all TNT Economy shipments from Europe to the US, Canada and Latin America
  • TNT Surcharges from 6th April - TNT are implementing surcharges to all TNT International services except TNT economy intra-Europe.
  • Partial service suspension to/from named cities/destination zip codes in Austria, Czech Republic and Italy.
  • Service suspension into/from Kazakhstan, Mauritania & Uzbekistan.
  • China and Hong Kong weight limitations on outbound shipments exceeding 300 kgs still in place.
  • China - TNT: The Economy Express import service from China has been suspended until further notice. The Express Service remains operational under 100kg. If you require a quote for heavier shipments, please contact our Freight Desk on
  • Full Economy Express suspensions are for APAC (Asia Pacific) to EU imports.
  • Economy Express exports, the suspension of services to APAC (Asia Pacific) is for India, New Zealand and Australia only.


  • China - Due to the coronavirus there are shipping restrictions to certain areas in China.
  • Unfortunately, bookings to restricted areas don’t flag up until the booking has been transferred through our TNT system. If your booking has been affected by this, we will raise a support ticket advising you.


  • Italy - Due to Italy being in lockdown, bookings and deliveries to Italy have been affected. Italy has restricted import deliveries to “food and medical supplies” only. It is at the customer's risk if they wish to book shipments to Italy.

Freight Services

  • The freight trailer service is currently still active for services to Italy, but please note: transit times will most likely be affected. There are certain locations in Italy that are restricted due to the lockdown. World Options can only advise customers if the area they require a freight delivery to is restricted after requesting the freight quote.

Your World Options account manager is available to assist you with any shipping related enquiries, and our support staff continue to provide customer service and accounts related services.

We continue to operate and fulfil our duty to World Options customers. Our organisation is fully digitalised and equipped to adapt to working from home and fully operate. We are still be able to receive calls from customers and we aim to continue providing shipping services with minimum disruption.


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