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How to send documents abroad

Digital correspondence has changed the way we live our lives and changed our expectations of fast communication.

In a world full of technology and emails, sending a document to another country might be considered a bit out dated. But in some situations, it is still a necessary requirement to have a hard copy document depending on the type of document. Important documents have more emphasis regarding the safety and transit speed placed on the shipment. In the case of, Law Firms, Real Estate Companies and Banks, a signed contract is usually required in order to complete a deal or transaction.

shipping documents globally

Shipping documents aboard is relatively simple, in most countries documents can pass straight through customs with ease, whereas larger items such as parcels and packages tend to be a little more complex.

Businesses who rely on express document courier service are:

  • Government Departments
  • Legal Firms and Solicitors
  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Property & Real Estate Agents
  • Land Registries

If your business ships documents internationally, World Options is here to help!

Here’s how to Ship Important Documents Globally using World Options

  1. Choose the correct envelope or packet for your documents
  2. Weigh the document and then measure the width, length, height
  3. Choose the delivery service that suits your requirement
  4. Clearly describe the contents of the document when prompted
  5. Book your shipment on the World Options online portal, selecting the carrier of your choice
  6. Print off the shipping label and securely attach it to your document
  7. Your chosen carrier will collect it and deliver it to its chosen destination
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