by Angela Delaney

6 great tips for successful shipping

Tips for business shippingMeasure and weigh your items correctly - It may sound obvious, but incorrect weight and measurements can incur additional costs. After collection, your goods are likely to be scanned automatically by the carrier to determine its exact weight and dimensions, so, if the measurements on your booking don’t match the scanned reading, this will be flagged up. In worst case scenarios, this could involve your goods being held from proceeding to its destination, or additional charges may be added by the carrier on to your shipment booking.

  • Packaging - Each carrier has different packaging rules and regulations. Once you find a particular carrier within the World Options portal that you are likely to use regularly, get their packing guidelines to help you ship your goods.
  • Prepare your shipment in advance - Last minute packaging and bookings can lead to avoidable mistakes. Package your item in advance so that it’s just a case of booking your shipment, attaching your label and waiting for the carrier to collect it. Within the World Options online shipping portal you can pre-enter your shipment and save it for booking later - and when you are ready proceed with your booking, simply click ‘continue’.
  • Book shipments before the cut off period - Don’t leave any bookings until the last minute. Ensure your shipment will get collected by booking it in sufficient time before the cut-off period. By doing so, the booking information will reach the carrier in time and avoid any hold ups along the way.
  • Photographic evidence - It may sound silly, but we recommend you take pictures of your boxed or packaged shipment with a tape measure in the photograph indicating the measurements of your shipment and a picture of the shipment on the scales or weighing tool. If there are any discrepancies after your shipment has been collected, you will able to prove the weight and dimensions, and show that it was packaged correctly.
  • Check if your goods are classed as hazardous - You’d be surprised at what items can be deemed hazardous, so be sure to check first. Products such as perfume, aerosols and lithium batteries are classed as hazardous goods, and the full list of hazardous items can change depending on which country you are sending to.
  • Hazardous goods have to be shipped in a particular way, and carriers will need to know in advance if your goods fall into this category. If a shipment classified as hazardous is sent through the standard shipping process, it is likely to be held at customs and incur charges.

    By following these steps, your goods will get delivered to your customers as efficiently as possible, and prevent any troublesome hiccups along the way that could cause delays.

    If you need any help or advice about any of the elements listed above, contact your World Options account manager or call the World Options support centre on 0330 335 8100.

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