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12 Christmas Gifts Your Clients will love you for all year round

Research has found that the Christmas gift you send your customers can keep them in good favour for months to come.

With Christmas 2019 just weeks away, there’s no better way to impress your clients by sending them something that leaves a lasting impression to keep them committed to your business well into 2020.

But instead of sending the usual box of chocolate or bottle of wine, stand out from the crowd and send them something that shows you really appreciate them.

Here’s a list of 12 cool, quirky corporate gifts that’ll have your clients thinking how great you are all year round:

1. Smartphone Valet PlanTER

Price: £48.64

Ready to smarten up any desk, the smartphone and valet planter is a practical way to keeping your phone upright while at the same time providing space for a plant or stationery such as pens, pencils and keys.

smartphone valet planter

2. Dark Skies Trip Wales

Price: £50.00

For a corporate gift that is uniquely different, check out this stargazing experience for two in Wales. The stargazing takes place in the Brecon beacons national park, where lucky people can view the stars under clear skies.

dark sky wales

3. Desktop Arcade Machine

Price: £19.99

Workplace productivity may suffer with this desktop arcade machine! Your customers will be able to play over 240 games at their desk or anywhere else. The desktop arcade machine contains classics such as Pacman, pinball wizard and Tetris and game types such as arcade, shooting, sports and puzzles.

desktop arcade machine

4. Rocketbook Everlasting Notebook

Price: £34.99

The Everlast notebook is a notebook made for the digital age. The rocketbook can be reused over and over again. When writing on a page using the attached pen, drawings and text can be erased with a wet cloth. Notes can be uploaded to cloud storage by scanning them with a phone.

rocketbook notebook

5. Classic Christmas Gift Box

Price: £30.00

This classic Christmas gift box is a corporate present that will be enjoyed by your customers. The hamper contains delights such as pudding, cranberry and clementine Jaffa cakes, chutneys and Christmas themed, shortbread tree biscuits.

classic christmas gift box

6. An acre of land on the Moon

Price: £29.99

The ultimate novelty gift! Own an acre of land on the moon and get a moon deed confirming your parcel of land, a lunar site map which spells out the location of your property, in addition purchasers receive a lunar constitution, a bill of rights which spells out rules to abide by and a declaration of ownership.

moon and earth

7. Graze Subscription

Price: £53.88 (12-month subscription)

Imagine fresh and wholesome snacks delivered to your customer's office ready to be eaten every month. By gifting a graze subscription, your customers will receive a box containing delicious snacks that they or their staff can eat. Customers can also tailor their own boxes, with over 100 creations available to choose from.

graze box

8. Fitness Watch

Price: £26.99

The Xiaomi band 3 is an affordable, yet stylish fitness watch is a great, value for money corporate gift. The Xiaomi Band 3 is a lightweight fitness band that tracks a user’s heart rate, calories, steps and sleep. It can also set daily targets and weekly progress reports.

xiaomi fitness watch

9. Wireless earpods

Price: £17.99

Your customers will love these value-saving wireless earpods. The earpods use advanced Bluetooth technology, allowing secure connection with most devices, works for up to six hours on a 45-minute charge and deliver clear sound. A bargain at £17.99 as equivalent earbuds from Samsung and Apple cost £100 or more.

wireless earpods

10. Wireless speakers

Price: £49.99

The Alexa dot is a practical and cutting-edge gift that will be appreciated by your customers. With the Alexa users can speak to the device and automate a variety of tasks, such as playing music, setting alarms and playing radio stations.

amazon echo dot speaker

11. Self-Heating Mug

Price: £13.99

Say goodbye to cold tea’s and coffees with this self-heating mug. The mug is powered with a USB and can be recharged repeatedly and will keep beverages warm. The mug features an automatic stirring function and is perfect to be carried around for meetings outside the office.

self heating mug

12. Wireless Phone Charger

Price: £44.95

The Moshi wireless charging pad is the next generation of phone chargers. The device features optimised circuitry that will charge a phone faster than other wireless chargers. Inspired by Danish furniture, the pad surface is made of soft grey material and is compatible with most Apple, android and tablet devices.

moshi wireless charging pad

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