WO Ship Manager

At World Options we are continuously pioneering to improve our shipping technology for our customers. That’s why we are proud to have created one of the best bulk shipping tools in the industry, this tool is called “WO Ship Manager”.

WO Ship Manager has the power to easily process hundreds of shipments at one time instantly. Or simply process a few shipments, the choice and flexibility is there. Available within the World Options online shipping portal it can transform the way a business ships its products and save huge amounts of time.

There is also the added benefit of the “Quick Quote” tool within WO Ship Manager. Allowing businesses to get real time quotes from the World’s leading carriers all in one place before proceeding with bulk shipments.

Have the flexibility to ship orders based on preference, delivery timescales, destination and budget.

WO Ship Manager

  • Does your business ship a high volume of items?
  • Do you require shipping services to deliver orders to your customers?
  • Do you spend a lot of admin time processing orders for delivery?
  • Would you like a simpler way of shipping your goods?
  • Would you like cost effective shipping prices?
  • Would you like the option of choosing from multiple carriers in one place?

If so, then now might be the time streamline your shipping needs with WO Ship Manager.

Wo Ship Manager Features:

  • Multiple Shipments
  • Single Shipments
  • CSV Import with field mapping
  • Save part booked shipments and ship later
  • Merge shipments with same address
  • View multiple quotes in real time
  • Prepare customer invoices in bulk
  • Edit collections
  • Search previous shipments
  • Rebook saved previous shipments
  • Print shipment labels in bulk

WO Ship Manager can transform your business shipping, it’s simple to install and intregrate and gives businesses access to World Options discounted courier rates to get the job done.

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WO Ship Manager

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