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Small Businesses Move To Shopify

The Coronavirus pandemic, lockdowns and deserted high streets have led to many small businesses being forced to switch to online stores, with Shopify being the destination for many of these shops. Many business owners have been reluctant to open online stores preferring instead to market and sell their products from physical retail stores. But with business owners seeing massive drops in sales, nearly all have been forced to move to online storefronts.

In the United States, the Commerce Department reported that e-commerce sales had jumped 37% to $200 billion in the second quarter of 2020, a rise which experts did not expect to happen for meany years to come.

Shopify is a software which allows companies and individuals to quickly create an online store. Shopify is an all-in-one e-commerce solution which means website hosting and the purchasing of domain names is included in one console and can be more convenient for people unfamiliar with creating websites.

Business owners add imagery of their products, shipping methods and rates and sell directly to customers. Shopify customers have to pay a monthly fee and a percentage of every sale that their storefront achieves.

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Shopify has seen it's revenue nearly double to $714.3 million in the second quarter of 2020, as the number of new stores created on the e-commerce platform spiked 71% from the previous three months. In August it;s share price rose to $1,000 per share and it's market value is greater than eBay.

Shopify In 2020

Following the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic in March 2020, Shopify pivoted from it's original plans and announced changes that it hoped would help small businesses. These new introductions included:

  • A 90 day free trial for new customers
  • Gift-card options
  • Online tipping
  • New delivery options
  • A search feature to location items from all stores.


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written by shahzad.akram

8th September 2020

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