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What is Autodim

Auto dim is a piece of measuring technology that accurately scans and provides electronic data of almost any item ready for shipping. If you run a busy warehouse or business which requires measuring of goods, Autodim can help speed up this process with accuracy. Run a faster more productive business, reduce shipping preparation time and reduce the risk of human error with certified accuracy.

Superbly quick - AutoDims patented technology blows other dimensions away at a fraction of the cost. In just 2/10ths of a second it grabs certified - accurate dimensions from any shape.

Autodim and World Options

  • Do you run a warehouse or business where items need measuring for shipping?
  • Do you ship high volumes of items?
  • Do you spend a lot of time measuring and processing goods for shipping?
  • Do you get inaccurate shipping quotes due to human error?
  • Would you like a simpler, faster way of scanning and shipping your goods?
  • Would you like the option of choosing from multiple carriers in one place?
  • Would you like cost effective shipping prices?

If so, Autodim is available as a warehouse integration pligin tool with the World Options online shipping portal to provide a seamless and accurate shipping process.

Once your item is scanned, all data automatically appears in the World Options online shipping portal where you can view delivery timescales, destination, prices and book your shipment in just a few clicks. Then simply print the shipping label, stick it to your parcel and the shipment will be collected by the carrier and delivered to its destination.

How it works

Certified accuracy on any shape - Autodim is a highly accurate and fast scanning machine that can scan boxes, cubes and non-cube items: irregular and unsymmetrical shapes including parcels, poly-bags, flats, tubes, circles, in just seconds.

Get barcodes, OCR, and a photo - Totally automatic scanning with no special alignment or training required. Once the shipping item has been scanned Autodim generates a photograph of the scanned item, watermarked and simultaneously captures every piece of data such as barcodes, addresses, text, critical data for claim protection and verification.

Instantly, automatically, the data is recorded straight into the World Options online shipping portal ready to ship.

Autodim Features:

  • Optimal ergonomic design, compact fits anywhere
  • Tough industrial-grade construction
  • Hardware and software included, no extras needed
  • Can be used standalone or integrate with our web-based interface
  • Can be ordered with an integrated scale, use your existing scale or no scale at all
  • No dangerous lasers for total workplace safety

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