Integration FAQS

  • What is the full list of benefits for website owners of the World Options plugins?

    Please find a list of benefits below:

    • Offer accurate international shipping prices that include all hidden charges
    • Reduce the man hours needed for booking shipments - World Options’ plug-ins automatically book web orders using customers’ checkout details
    • Save time sending tracking details to customers as tracking numbers are automatically displayed at checkout
    • Reduce courier costs using World Options Portal pricing system
    • Store and track all shipments in one place
    • Add Enhanced Cover to all web bookings
    • Offer free shipping to customers using World Options’ cheapest service
    • Choose if you want to display estimated shipping time to customers
    • Choose to display all courier services or just one
    • Discount shipping costs dependant upon cart value
    • Remove unwanted shipping destinations
    • Add back-up shipping prices
    • Add product weight and dimensions
    • Identify type e.g. single box or shared box
    • Add up to five box dimensions, allowing World Options to calculate the dimensions of the whole cart
    • Add packaging space as a percentage for every product using the packaging buffer tool
    • Export and import settings for backups or plug-in updates

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