Air Waybill


An air waybill is a receipt produced by an airline, after when goods have been booked into an aeroplane for delivery.

What does an Air Waybill Look Like?

An air waybill will contain the name and address of the person/business shipping the goods, and name and address of the entity that will be receiving the goods, a three-letter airport code from the airport the goods are leaving from, the value of the goods declared to customs, the number of pieces and gross weight, description of the goods and any other special instructions that need to be noted.

UPS Air Waybill

UPS air waybills will contain:

  • Shippers name and address
  • Shippers account number
  • Consignee's name and address
  • Consignee's account number
  • Issuing carrier's agent name and city
  • Agent's IATA number and account number
  • Airport of departure
  • Declared value for carriage
  • Declared value for customs
  • Airport destination
  • Handling Information
  • Goods information (no of pieces, gross weight, chargeable weight, rate/charge, total, nature and quantity of goods)

FedEx Air Waybill

FedEx air waybills will contain:

  • Sender Information (address details, phone and FedEx account number)
  • Recipient information
  • Shipment Information (Commodity Description, Total Value for Customs, Total declared value for Carriage).
  • Express Package Services(which service has been ordered, FedEx international priority, etc)
  • Special Handling
  • Payment - Bill Transportation Charges (who will be paying the bill - sender, recipient or third party)
  • Payment - Bill Duties and Taxes (who will be paying the duties and taxes)

DHL Air Waybill

DHL air waybills will contain:

  • Payer account number and insurance details
  • Shipper's details (shipper's account number, contact name, address, company name)
  • Receiver's details (company name, address details)
  • Shipment details (pieces, piece weight, length, weight, height)
  • Full description of contents
  • Non document shipment only information (shipper and receiver's VAT numbers, declared value for customs, type of export)

TNT Air Waybill

TNT air waybills will contain:

  • Sender's account number (9 digits)
  • Sender information (name, address, city province/region, other contact details)
  • Receiver information (name, address, city province/region, other contact details)
  • Delivery address details
  • Dangerous goods checkbox (does the consignment contain dangerous goods)
  • Type of TNT services ordered (express, economy express, etc)
  • Special delivery instructions
  • Goods description (general description, number of items, weight, dimensions)
  • Receiver's VAT/GST number


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