What is An access point?

Access points are places where individuals or businesses can drop-off or collect parcels. Access point are usually located in convenient locations, such as supermarkets, corner shops, petrol stations or other local businesses.

What do you need to bring when dropping off a package at an access point?

You will need to bring the recipient's name, address and complete delivery details if you haven't already printed out the shipping label, some courier access points may require you to bring with you some form of photo ID.

How to Pick up a package from an access point

Most couriers will send either an email or SMS notification that your package has arrived at the access point and is ready for collection. You will need to travel to the access point and present some form of photo ID, in order to collect the package.

Can shipments be tracked when sent from an access point?

Yes, most carriers will provide a tracking number once a shipment has been has been processed into their delivery network.

IS USING AN access point cheaper or more expensive than normal delivery SERVICES?

Picking up or dropping off a parcel at an access point may be slightly cheaper than having a package be delivered to or picked up from a premises of your choosing.

COURIER access points information


UPS has over 15,000 access points in Europe, with a total of 24,000 worldwide.

FEDEX Shipcenters

FedEx market their access points as FedEx Authorised ShipCentres. There are over 200 of these FedEx shipcenters located in the UK and Ireland. Fedex shipcenters allow individuals or businesses to send a package without a prior account and free packaging.

DHL service points

DHL offers it's customers over 3,500 locations in the UK to drop off a parcel at. DHL access points are known as DHL service points. Some of these services points are located inside major retail chains such as, Ryman, WH Smith, Safestore, Robert Dyas and Access Self Storage. No pre-existing account is needed when sending a parcel from a DHL Service Point.

TNT Parcel depots

TNT provides over 54 depots in the UK from where customers can arrange a collection from. TNT has depots located in most major cities and urban areas in the UK.


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