Skills all successful franchise owners have in common

Have you ever wondered what skills gear a franchise owner towards success? If you have, you aren’t alone. At World Options, we have a number of franchisees whose monthly income exceeds the initial cost of their franchise. This means that every month, their business makes more money than they originally invested. To better understand what it really takes to be a high-earning franchise owner, we’ve taken a look at the skills and qualities all these franchise owners have in common and have outlined why we believe these traits have helped them succeed.

successful franchisee

Ability to work within the franchise framework

It might sound obvious, but the ability to thrive within the limits of a franchise structure is vital to the success of our franchisees. While all our franchise owners have control of their own business, we do have some broad guidelines and objectives all our franchisees must follow. We expect our franchise owners to have the knowledge and expertise required to help our customers with all their shipping and logistic needs. This takes a level of commitment and eagerness to learn.

At World Options, we provide our franchisees with all the tools they need to succeed, but the responsibility still lies with them to ensure they have everything they need to give their customers the best experience possible.

Confident in their abilities

From networking to making big business decisions, successful franchise owners are confident in their own abilities and believe that with the tools and resources available to them, they will be able to grow a strong and profitable business. Franchise owners can’t be afraid of voicing their ideas or sharing ways they think they can streamline processes. With franchisees being so close to the business model, it isn’t uncommon for them to come up with new ideas and solutions to help the business as a whole run more effectively.

Some of the best ideas can be rolled out across the whole franchise network - making things easier for everyone involved. With this in mind, there will be times when a franchisee will be expected to adapt to new ideas and processes being implemented across the business. The most successful franchise owners see this as an opportunity and are proactive in getting this implemented within their franchise as soon as possible.

franchisee planning

A focus on growth

While franchise owners have taken a good step by investing in a business model with a proven track record for success, it doesn’t mean that it is easy to ensure you have the best return on investment. All of our most successful franchise owners are focused on growth and are always looking for ways to expand their client base and grow their business. This starts with market research before they choose the industry they want to enter and the franchise they want to invest in.

There are a few ways that you can understand and plan for franchise growth:

  • Speak to existing franchisees for insights into the industry and realistic expectations for success
  • Research franchisors to see how many franchisees they have, how often franchises close and how they rank for metrics like customer churn
  • Network within the industry by attending events and building relationships
  • Understand the limits of a franchise - is it bricks and mortar-based, or online?
  • Work with your franchisor and see what support they can offer in terms of marketing or outreach efforts
  • Anticipate how a business might need to scale as it grows - how will outgoings change, for example?

The most diligent franchise owners make sure to do their research ahead of time so that they know exactly how much potential there is for growth in their franchise, and how to drive that growth to make their business a sustainable success.

Understanding how to connect with their customers

At World Options, we understand that we are the first port of call for individuals and businesses looking for shipping support. In an ever-changing world, our franchise owners are responsible for helping their customers to navigate changing legislation and helping their parcels arrive where they need to quickly and efficiently.

Our most successful franchisees understand the individual needs of all their customers and think proactively about how best to help them. It is this highly-personalised approach that helps ensure repeat custom and allows our franchise owners to benefit from the residual income generated from customers consistently choosing World Options for the shipping needs.

franchisee customers

Do you have what it takes?

If you think you have what it takes to become a successful World Options franchise owner, we want to hear from you. Visit our franchise opportunities page to find out more, or request a franchise pack today.