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Interview With World Options Franchisee David Burck

World Options: Tell us about yourself?

David Burck: I've been involved in the courier industry throughout the majority of my working life. Working in the courier industry has led to four international house moves and living in an international environment for nearly 10 years. I am married and I have 3 children – one who was born abroad.

World Options: How did you learn about the franchise opportunities that World Options offers?

David Burck: I had seen some google adverts on web browsing, I then checked via the British franchise organisations and through Linkedin. Once i had seen and read up, I made contact and Howard McCormick was my primary liaison with World Options.

World Options: What attracted you to wanting to buy a World Options franchise?

David Burck: The ability to work from home, the fact we were returning to the UK and we didn't want the corporate lifestyle again.

David Burck office

World Options: How did you find the process of purchasing a World Options franchise to be like?

David Burck: Very simple, clear and straightforward. No pushy sales and a feeling of happiness throughout the process

World Options: World Options Training For new Franchisees - how was it?

David Burck: Excellent, i have attended hundreds of training courses globally and this i enjoyed the most, it was interactive, caring and occasionally humorous. My attention was 100% on point and it delivered what it promised.

World Options: What would you say to someone who is looking to buy a World Options Franchise?

David Burck: Think about the reasons why you are doing it, confirm these with your nearest and dearest, activate all methods of lead generation and go in fully aware of the business climate. Don't hold back and i fully recommend it.

david burck and wife

World Options: What is your favourite holiday?

David Burck: Thailand.

World Options: Hobbies?

David Burck: Playing golf, five a side football, gardening and chasing my kids around!

World Options: Who has been the most influential person in your life and why?

David Burck: Raef ElHassan in Saudi Arabia. He had an ability to work under pressure and thrive under it. A complete master of his brief. Something I always try to mirror.


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written by shahzad.akram

14th January 2021

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