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World Options: Tell us about yourself?

Sam Jeffs: I grew up in Barmouth on the west coast of Wales, where I also volunteered with the RNLI. Leaving home at 18 and following my love of the sea, I joined the Royal Navy and began officer training at Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth. Arguable the best times of my naval career, I went on to become a Nuclear Submarine Navigation Officer, travelling the world on a variety of ships and submarines, including being the navigation and pilotage office onboard one of the UK’s Trident submarines. I finished my military career with an extremely exciting role as the Deputy Special Operations Officer, assisting with the planning and execution of UK submarine special operations and deployments, liaising with domestic and international military, intelligence and government stakeholders.

After deciding that spending all that time under water was enough, I continued my maritime career by moving over to the Mediterranean to become a Super Yacht Captain. An exciting, challenging and rewarding role, this not only allowed some fantastic travel opportunities but also opened the doors to a very valuable network of unique individuals, which ultimately inspired me to begin my own entrepreneurial journey.

And so Peregrine was born. Initially just “Sam and a Van”, within 6 months Peregrine was working with over 50 contractors and operating over 30 vehicles in the North West of the UK. Since then Peregrine has continued to grow in other sectors and has recently moved into a new 7000sqft headquarters in the heart of Trafford Park, Europe’s largest industrial hub and we now have 2 HGVs out on road.

sam jeffs warehouse

World Options: How did you learn about the franchise opportunities that World Options offers?

Sam Jeffs: We were looking for another direction to expand the business and work more for ourselves and a franchise seemed the perfect idea. After looking around, World Options seemed to appear at the top of all the lists.

World Options: What was it that attracted you to wanting to buy a World Options franchise?

Sam Jeffs: My partner JP and I were looking for something exciting and rewarding to get our teeth into but having the support, skills and experience of a well established brand with us on the way. World Options seemed to fit all these and after speaking to Howard, we were even more excited to get onboard.

World Options: How did you find the process of purchasing a World Options franchise to be like?

Sam Jeffs: Very easy and straight forward, we were fully supported throughout the process.

World Options: What can we expect to see from your franchise in the coming months?

sam jeffs submarine

Sam Jeffs: Well, we’ve had a bit of a slow start while we get used to model and system along with getting the patter right. But we think we are on the verge of cracking our own working method and formula so we hope to show H and the team the results we promised when we set out on this journey

World Options: Do you have any advice to someone who is looking to buy a World Options Franchise?

Sam Jeffs: The model works! It takes some time to build up knowledge and experience but the results of other successful franchises are in black and white - that’s why we were and still are committed and fully believe in the franchise.

World Options: What is your favourite holiday?

Sam Jeffs: Christmas! We are so busy throughout the year that this period all gives us a reason to get together and have some fun - despite it being the busiest time of year in the logistics industry!

World Options: Hobbies?

Sam Jeffs: Working (I love it!), hiking, driving, snowboarding, theatre and socialising (work hard, play hard!

World Options: Who is the most influential person in your life and why?

Sam Jeffs: There have been many through different stages of my life. I would have to say at present it’s Elon Musk - his determination towards his goals and his lateral thinking are something we should all strive towards, just watching his interviews makes me feel like we should all be helping him!

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