by shahzad.akram

Interview with franchisee Kimberley Bowe from Invoice Queries

WO: Tell us a little bit about yourself?

KB: My name is Kim, I have 3 children, I was a hairdresser for many years before obtaining a role as an invoice query clerk with TNT, before joining WO.

WO: What is your role and duties at World Options?

KB: My role at WO is as Invoice query manager, but I did start in Customer services before joining the accounts team as a query clerk and then IQ manager.

WO: What has been your experience so far of working at World Options?

KB: I enjoy what I do in my role as there are no two days the same and every day you face a different challenge.

WO: Do you have any advice or tips you would like to share with franchisees when it comes to dealing with Accounts and Billing?

KB: My biggest piece of advice to all franchisees is to be patient, with us, make sure all queries are logged within the relevant time frame as this will enable us to chase the carriers sooner.

WO: What is your Favorite Holiday?

KB: The best holiday I had was in Turkey the Turquoise coast, it was the last family holiday that we had before all the children started holidaying on their own as they were too old to holiday with mum and dad.

WO: Hobbies?

KB: I train a morris dancing team based in Bolton, and compete every other Sunday against other teams throughout the Northwest region.