Emma Siddy

I used to work in financial services, but when I had my kids I decided to become a stay at home mum and home school my children. After a few years of juggling being a mum, home tutor and wife I realised that my children were growing up seeing that mummy doesn’t go to work and doesn’t earn money towards our family. I’d lost a little bit of my independence and I missed my old self. I realised that was the wrong message I wanted to portray. I wanted them to see that mummy is independent, she does have a job and helps towards the family finances.

I started researching and noticed so many franchises available for women were in beauty products, cleaning or childcare, which was the last thing I wanted to do. I came across World Options and I knew it was perfect for me, all I needed was a laptop and a mobile phone. Now I run my business from home when I want.

Becoming a business owner has helped build my confidence so much. Financially I can’t express enough how it makes me feel to be able to treat my children often, and contribute towards family holidays. I don’t worry about bills anymore, it has given us a huge financial buffer.

It sounds corny but I can’t believe how much owning a World Options franchise has really changed our lives. I would absolutely recommend it to working parents looking to get back into work, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

I feel so excited about the future right now, my business is growing, our family is benefiting and best of all my children are proud of me

Emma Siddy Aberystwyth