About Emma and Charlotte

  • Emma is 50 and Charlotte is 48 years old - they are sisters
  • Based in Chorley, Lancashire
  • Became World Options franchisees in January 2018

Tell us a little about yourselves

Emma: I’m a keen walker and swimmer, and I love to spend time in the garden during the summer months. I also like cooking for my family and spending quality time together.

Charlotte: I study and read in my spare time, and I also enjoy going on walks with the whole family.

What did you do before becoming a World Options franchisee?
Emma: Before becoming a franchisee, I was already a successful business owner, owning a hairdressing business for over 30 years.

Charlotte: Previously I worked in the legal profession, and now I’m studying British Sign Language and Deaf Studies.

Why did you decide to become a franchisee?

Emma: We decided to have a franchise with World Options as we are both single mums with seven children between us, and we need and want to both be there for the family and to provide for them.

Charlotte: With World Options we can work as flexibly from home as we can, together supporting each other in work and with family commitments.

What is a typical day for you as a franchisee?

Charlotte: Typically our day starts early with getting the children ready for school and doing the school run. We start working on the franchise at about 9.15 am - we find that it works well, and we work together well as a team, calling and finding new prospects.

Emma: Our day is interrupted at about 3.00pm when we do the school run again, and put our mum hats back on. When the children have been settled we get back to administrative work on the shipping portal, and sending emails to customers and prospects.

What are the benefits of working as a franchisee?

Charlotte: The main benefits are that the work itself is flexible, and we are able to work from home online. It’s perfect for busy mums who still want to be at home for their children.

Emma: When the children need us we are here, but we can work anywhere really as long as we have our computers, our phones and access to the internet.

Charlotte: For us, it’s important that we have the flexibility that we both need to work and look after our family - we think this will bring us the happiness and freedom that our families need.

What challenges have you faced?

Charlotte: As new owners of a franchise we have been faced the challenge of getting to know the CRM System and building confidence in knowing the work - our confidence is growing with experience.

What advice would you give to others considering becoming a franchisee?

Charlotte: Be realistic with your goals and your time - prioritise what’s important and what is not. It can be difficult sometimes when you work from home, but it is 100% necessary to build up your business.

Emma: Attend the training sessions put on by World Options and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

What is it like working with one another on the franchise?

Charlotte: We love working together, we both have very different skills - Emma is extremely well organised and a great researcher who really does her homework on potential customers.

Emma: Charlotte has fantastic telephone skills and deals with most of the emails. Together we work well both in work and with our families, sharing the responsibilities and challenges of seven children, elderly parents and the family dog.

Charlotte: We have a goal to be self-sufficient and be there for our children, while looking after our parents. Working together provides us both with the emotional and physical support that busy mums need.

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