Franchise Opportunities with WORLD OPTIONS

Are you commercially minded and looking for an opportunity to take control of your own success? With World Options’ market leading franchise business opportunities you can be confident that you are making the right investment in your future.

With minimum overheads and a low initial entry cost, a World Options franchise is the ideal investment for ambitious individuals looking to make their dreams of becoming their own boss a reality.

Whether you have already had a successful career in the shipping and logistics industry or are looking for a brand new challenge, World Options will provide you with all the tools you need to succeed.

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Training & Support

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Our franchise owners can benefit from:

  • Access to our online portal, providing real-time rates and services with carriers.
  • Extensive in-person onboarding support
  • Continuous training and access to regular training events, allowing all our franchisees to network and connect with other franchise owners
  • Access to our remote training and support platform, providing a wealth of resources that can be referred back to at any time
  • The support of World Options’ dedicated sales and development mentors
  • Access to a broad range of marketing materials, design to help our franchise owners succeed
  • Customer service support, whenever it is needed
  • Access to World Options’ fully centralised billing system, which will take care of all invoices
If you would like to hear more about how you can start the next stage of your career as a World Options franchise owner, call the team on 0330 335 8100 or simply request a franchise pack and our dedicated franchise development team will be in touch with you.

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What can you expect as a World Options franchise OWNER

As a World Options franchise owner, you will benefit from market leading support and training opportunities, designed to provide you with the tools necessary to help your franchise grow.

From the moment you come on board, you will benefit from our leading in-house support and training opportunities available to all our franchise owners – meaning that you will always have the tools and resources you need to be successful, whatever your level of experience.

At World Options, we believe that our franchise owners should always be rewarded for their hard work and dedication. That is why all of our franchisees benefit from uncapped earnings and the ability to draw customers from anywhere across the UK. This means you have endless potential to reach people in multiple locations and aren’t restricted like with some franchise opportunities.

Don’t just take our word for it, find out what franchise owner, Simon Douglas has to say about his experience with World Options.

Simon Douglas achieved business success with a World Options franchise



World Options is committed to simplifying the shipping process and helping our customers take back control of their shipping and logistical requirements.

As a World Options franchise owner, you will be responsible for promoting our innovative online portal and the many ways we can help online sellers streamline their shipping processes, no matter what e-commerce platform they use.

Our simple franchise model means that you can get started with nothing more than a laptop and a phone - allowing you to grow your business from anywhere - making World Options a great choice for those looking to set up a new office or flexible work from home franchise.

If you want to know more about how a World Options franchise works, check out our informative overview here.

How much does a World Options franchise cost?

With a World Options franchise, you can be confident that you are equipping yourself with all the tools you need for success, removing many of the risks that come with starting a new business.

All World Options franchise owners benefit from a clear product offering, proven business plan, and in-demand service. With this in mind, we believe that our franchise fee and start-up costs are exceptionally low considering you are buying a business and will become part of a global brand.

A World Options franchise can be fully operational for as little as £35,000 + VAT.

It’s an investment well worth considering, some of our franchisees' profits well exceed this initial investment on a monthly basis.

Get in touch with us

It could not be easier to start your journey with World Options. Simply call 0330 335 8100 or request a franchise pack and our franchise development team will be in touch at a time that is convenient for you.


If you’re interested in owning a World Options franchise, you can download our Franchise Brochure and arrange an initial appointment with our franchising team by completing the form on the right.

Why a World Options Franchise?

  • Value for money – low entry cost
  • Huge earnings potential
  • Dedicated ongoing training and support
  • Non–exclusive franchise – choose where you work
  • Unique software solutions – offering customers multiple choice carriers
  • Minimum overheads – no vans, trucks, stock or warehousing
  • Work comfortably from home

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helpful information

franchise Faqs

  • What does a World Options franchisee do?

    World Options offers small and medium-sized businesses a world-class parcel delivery service via an online portal. This not only saves time and money but allows business owners time to focus on their business.

    When you become a franchisee, your objective will be to find new business customers to use the online portal. You will build relationships with the potential client and demonstrate how they can place orders online. Once this is done, the business is encouraged to activate an account and they instantly become your client. You look after them and the system does the rest. The more parcels your client ships through the online portal, the more money you make. It really is that simple!

  • What experience do I need to become a World Options franchisee?

    You don’t need to have any experience, we provide you with full training and support to make your business a success.

    Some franchisees who come from a sales, business and courier industry background are very well suited for the World Options franchise opportunity, although some of our most successful franchisees had no experience in these areas.

    We encourage anyone interested in a World Options franchise, no matter what background or experience, to contact us and find out more.

    The service you will be providing is an online shipping service, so you are required to be comfortable using a computer.

    You will need a willingness to learn, determination to succeed and the time and effort to put into the work.

  • Do I need to have courier industry experience?

    No, you don’t need to have experience in the courier industry, however it does give some who do a slight advantage. We offer all franchisees full in-depth training and support. Some of our most successful franchisees had no experience in the courier, import or export sector when they began.

    The service you will be providing is an online shipping service, so you are required to be comfortable using a computer.

    You will need a willingness to learn, determination to succeed and the time and effort to put in the work.

  • What equipment will I need to start my franchise?

    All you need is a laptop and mobile phone to start. All online systems you require to run your business are provided to you by World Options.

  • How much can I earn?

    The answer to this question depends very much on you as an individual - your drive, commitment and work ethic.

    Part-time, casual effort will more often than not produce part-time, casual results. Your World Options franchise becomes your business and is therefore deserving of your time, talent and energy in order to develop and grow.

    We have a proven business concept that has been piloted and tested over several years, which will enable us to demonstrate to you that the potential to make an exceptional income is available if you work the plan and follow the training programme.

    We have franchisees whose monthly profit margin exceeds the cost of the initial franchise fee.

    You could do better or worse - again this is very much down to how you approach the idea of managing your own franchise business.

    At World Options we are able to demonstrate that hard work really does pay, and, with a real residual income business, you benefit financially the first time and every time your customer uses World Options’ products and services.

    Although making money may not be the primary focus of your life, real residual income allows you to make better financial choices, do other important things with your time, and focus on things that matter most to you.

  • How much does a World Options franchise cost?

    The World Options franchise fee and start-up costs are exceptionally low considering the size and stature of the logistics industry in the UK.

    In fact, a typical World Options franchise can be fully operational for as little as £35,000 + VAT

    For more information about the cost of starting your own franchise, visit this page.

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