How World Options is preparing for Brexit

Q: What changes have World Options made in preparation for Brexit?

Training Our Staff

  • We have provided World Options customer support, accounts personnel, account managers and franchisees with additional guidance and training regarding the changes we anticipate.

Commercial Invoices

  • If it indeed does become a requirement for EU countries post Brexit, the World Options portal will be updated to reflect this change and will prompt customers to generate the required paperwork during the booking process.

EORI Number

  • If it is announced that an EORI number is a requirement post Brexit, portal users can enter the EORI number in the field provided within the commercial invoice template on the World Options online shipping portal.


To ensure the safe delivery of your goods, we communicate with our partner carriers regularly and work jointly to prepare for any changes Brexit may bring.

Q: How will Brexit impact on World Options ability to provide shipping services now and over the next 6 to 12 months?

A: We are fully committed to providing our customers continued online shipping services over the next 6 – 12 months. We’ve made changes within our online portal to accommodate the anticipated changes and new documentation which may be required.

Q: How will Brexit impact on your business shipping and logistics?

A: Brexit should only impact on your business shipping, if you ship goods in and out of the EU. You will need to follow the process of using an EORI number and processing a commercial invoice via the World Options online portal to make sure that all of your documentation is correct and paperless. The carriers have arranged extra resources and personnel to cope extra calls and queries post Brexit.

Q: Are any other changes anticipated?

A: YES - There might be slight delays in shipments getting to and from the EU.

Q: To what extent is World Options business operation dependent upon partners outside of the UK?

A: We are dependent on our partner carrier’s ability to deliver World Options customers goods to their destination. That’s why we continue to work closely with them to help resolve any shipping queries should they arise. Our partner carriers have offices in the UK and international locations as well as in the EU to help facilitate smooth delivery of your business goods.

Q: Do World Options use sub-contractors outside of the UK?

A: Yes - We do use subcontractors outside of the UK, for other areas of the business such as I.T. Our subcontractors are not located in the EU, so it is unlikely that this area will be affected by Brexit.

Q: What if my shipment goes missing or gets held in the EU?

A: If there is a problem with your shipment, please contact your World Options account manager or our support centre in the same way you would have done before. We’ll be happy to help resolve your shipping query.

Q: Do we expect price fluctuations resulting from Brexit uncertainty, such as increased import tariffs? If so, how will this be managed and how will this be communicated to customers?

A: We are unable to speculate or confirm any price fluctuations resulting from Brexit. Any changes will be communicated to you by your World Options account manager and will be reflected on the World Options online portal.